Building the Next Generation IoT & Telematics Platform


IoT is fundamentally revolutionizing the automotive insurance space, by enabling insurers to gain powerful insights into the behavior, risk and habits of individual drivers.

With over 180 billion miles of driving data analyzed from connected cars, Octo Telematics has emerged as the leading global provider of telematics and data analytics solutions for the auto insurance industry.

Join Cloudera, Ovum and Octo Telematics for a joint webinar to learn more about how Octo built their next generation IoT & Telematics platform. In this session, Jonathan, the Global Chief Marketing Officer of Octo will share their transformational journey into how they are building the world’s largest insurance telematics database powered by analytics and machine learning.

As part of this webinar you can learn more about:

  • Octo’s transformation to the Next Generation Platform (NGP) for Telematics & IoT
  • How they process and analyze data from 5.4 million connected cars every day
  • How Octo implemented the data management and analytics infrastructure
  • How they are using machine learning to analyze risks and driving behavior

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Featured speakers

Jonathan Hewett

Global Chief Marketing Officer, Octo Telematics

Jonathan Hewett is the Global Chief Marketing Officer at Octo Telematics. As part of this leadership role, he is responsible for driving the strategy and global marketing initiatives at Octo. Prior to joining Octo, Mr. Hewett was Director of Consumer Marketing at AIG.

Charles Juniper

Principal Analyst, Ovum

Charles Juniper is a Principal Analyst with Ovum’s Global Financial Services Technology team where he leads the research and project work for insurance sector technologies within Ovum’s Technology division. His key focus areas include IoT-based insurance products, services and business models.